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Making private markets simple and accessible for everyone.
A Growing Opportunity in Private Markets

Historically, private market asset classes  outperform public or liquid asset classes.

While private market assets under management grew 5.1% percent to an all-time high of $7.3 trillion in 2020, large institutions continue to dominate the space. Institutions continue to allocate to private equity and debt as a source of attractive returns and portfolio diversification.

Despite this trend, only 14% of independent financial advisors have found a viable private market solution for their clients.

Source: Rethinking Asset Allocation, KKR, October 2018

Addressing Challenges of Private Markets

Our team created EPIC to solve the problems we faced as financial advisors while making private investments on behalf of clients for the past 15 years.

Investment Decisions

Processes need to be developed around which opportunities to pursue and why.

Limited Access

Private funds are typically marketed to larger allocators (i.e. institutional investors) and not to financial advisors and family offices.

High Minimums

Many funds have minimums between $1 million and $10 million, making individual portfolio diversification difficult.

Opaque Data

Information about private markets is not easily accessible, making it difficult to evaluate opportunities based on comparables.


Ongoing commitments are required to meet consistent allocation parameters.


Existing infrastructure and regulations cater to large institutions while simultaneously acting as a barrier to entry for advisors and their clients.

Ongoing Management

Multiple investments can overwhelm the administration of a family office or financial advisor (i.e. tracking, KPIs, reporting, managing cash flow).

EPIC’s Solution

We enable advisors and their clients to confidently invest in private markets. Our flagship fund series is simple and transparent, letting our investors focus on achieving their financial objectives through a diversified allocation.

EPIC sits at the intersection of three stakeholders with unique problems: individuals, advisors, and the managers to whom we allocate capital. We address the needs of each which is the true path to democratizing private markets.

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